Running on Empty research

May 2010
40 stations in Top-10 TV markets

Survey of full-time investigative reporters covering state and local government, use of taxpayer dollars, corrupt public servants, education, infrastructure, environment – stories that take time to research, shoot and produce.

1) NYC: WCBS-no
WABC-2/consumer, crime
WNBC-1/consumer, crime
WNYW-1/consumer, crime

2) LA: KCBS-1/consumer, crime
KNBC-1/consumer, crime

3) Chicago: WMAQ-share Carol Marin w/Chicago Sun Times
WBBM-2/consumer, crime
WLS-1/weekly stories
WFLD-1/weekly stories

4) Philadelphia: KYW-1/weekly stories
WCAU-2/weekly stories
WTXF- 1/weekly stories

5) Dallas: KDFW- 1 (Becky Oliver)
KXAS- no
WFAA-2 (Brett Shipp, Byron Harris)

6) San Francisco: KTVU- no (producer only)
KPIX-1/daily and weekly stories
KGO-1/consumer, crime, weekly stories
KNTV-no (producer only)

7) Boston: WBZ-no

8 ) Atlanta: WSB-use available reporter
WAGA-use available reporter
WGLC-1/consumer, crime

9) Washington, D.C.: WRC-no
WJLA-no (Dropped Roberta Baskin Jan. 2009)
WUSA-no (Dropped reporter in 2002)

10) Houston: KPRC-3/consumer, air weekly or more often
KHOU-2(Mark Greenblatt, Jeremy Rogalski)
KTRK-1 (Wayne Dolcefino)
KRIV-1/consumer, sometimes daily

  • 4 have full-time reporters dedicated to in-depth, investigate reporting without having to “feed the beast” on a daily or weekly basis.
  • 22 have I-Team (franchise) reporters whose stories air weekly or bi-weekly.
  • 14 have no full-time investigative reporter.