Deadlines and Dollars (2007)

A life-long passion for journalism was the motivation for this insightful documentary that looks at how profit and efficiency have eroded the public service mission of local TV news.  The business side of news is challenging hard-working TV reporters like never before.

Former local TV reporters – now journalism professors – Karin and Bill Schwanbeck examine the frustrations, pressures and possible solutions.

Watch “Deadlines & Dollars” below (TRT: 59 min):

(Postscript: Four months after this documentary premiered in October 2007, Fox61 in Hartford, Conn., expanded its weekday news offerings to morning, afternoon and late night.)


Executive Producer/Writer/Reporter:  Karin Schwanbeck
Photographer/Editor/Narrator:  Bill Schwanbeck
Graphics: Michael Schleif, Keyframe Media
Copyright B&K Productions 2007